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E.T. Armies (Extraterrestrial Armies) is a first person shooter game in a unique science fiction world, designed to show Persian historical themes and rich environments. The main story of E.T. Armies is a narrative case about the future human wars to provide the energy resources.

The game is powered by Unreal Technology (Unreal Development Kit) and has been under development since January 2012. The technical production of this game will be over in late 2013 for PC and we are currently looking for a publisher for both online and single player version of the game.

Story: in a far future, mankind has found new planets as their new homes and as the world expands itself the hunger for power and supremacy rises. Although many new homes are found, our mother land earth is fallen and is no place to wage more war on. Abandoning our homeland seems to be the only answer to our survival. However, not all can leave. From all over the world a new nation is born to fight for their survival in a dead planet. But it’s all just a small spark, a spark of hatred that may set fire upon our new homes one day, one day that the hunger for power turns that sparkle into flame.

Visual: Being indie sets no limits to extraterrestrial armies. Thanks to our hard working team and unreal technology we are working so hard to deliver eye popping graphics and visuals that you expect from an AAA title.
Inspired from unique Persian atmospheres, we aim for the peak of possibilities in graphic as an indie game. The game happens in an earth-like planet that covers everything possible in earth in addition to its unique environments. You will experience various environments in the E.T.A, from a deserted ruin that reflects Persian Persepolis architecture to an invaded factory; A factory that is now a new hide out for the enemies, and in the end, the final assault in a huge underground fort with an exceptional design and visual.

Game Play: Our goal is to keep the standards of the leading titles in this genre while pushing forward to its boundaries with new ideas. Battles are designed to deliver fast phased combats while keeping you on the edge to use tactics in order to stand victories in these breathtaking battles.

E.T. Armies official website has been launched, you can access all the new updates about the game in this website.